While John is Away Ch. 07

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Several months ago, I lost a bet to my husband and his poker buddies that changed the course of our marriage. It started out as just taking advantage of my exhibitionist tendencies but resulted in my husband not only allowing, but encouraging his poker buddies to have sex with me.

For the past several weeks my husband has been in Kuala Lumpur and won’t be home for at least another two weeks. While he is gone he has given me a hall pass to have sex with his poker buddies. Not only that, he let them know it was OK for them to “take care of me” while he was gone. He calls me every night and wants to know in detail what kind of mischief I have gotten into for the day.


Last weekend, I was the hostess for a bachelor party in Las Vegas. James, one of our neighbors and one of the original guys my husband shared me with at his poker games was the best man. I was still on an adrenaline high when I got home and I couldn’t wait to tell my husband all the details of what happened with those 6 guys in Vegas. He loves to hear every hot detail. However, there was some trepidation since right before I left, with my blessing, my husband was going to go out with a really cute receptionist from one of the companies he was working with. I gave him a “hall pass” thinking fair is fair. As far as I know, John has never cheated on me or slept with another woman since we have been married and although I was having sex with his friends on a regular basis, I wasn’t sure how I felt about him having sex with another woman. I know that sounds pretty hypocritical but I can’t help it. I think I’m okay with it and it might even be kind of hot but I won’t know for sure until we talk. I know it won’t change my love for him but still, it is a little scary for me with him being so far away.

John and I both get excited as I walk him through the entire weekend, starting with meeting Kate on the plane, to having every one of the guys in every one of my openings throughout the weekend and at the bachelor party. He is particularly interested in the game we played with the guys and came twice over the course of our two hour session.

When I finally get the nerve to ask about the receptionist that volunteered to “show him the city” he gets pretty quiet. I have to encourage him to tell me about it and re-confirm for him that I want to know and that it won’t change how I feel about him.

To be fair, he is not the story-teller in the family but he told me how they toured the city in her car and then went to dinner. He described her in timid detail, carefully re-counting that she is thinner than me by calling her less curvy. He pointed out several times that her tits are significantly smaller than mine but I can tell by the tremor in his voice where their date ended.

With a strange tightness in my stomach, I asked him specific details since he was very uneasy talking about what happened. He is honest and tells me everything that happened, but neither of us were sexually turned on by the details like we get when I talk about having sex with other men.

To be sure, I am jealous and feel bad about being jealous. I’m a hypocrite, I admit it, but I don’t blame him or try to make him feel bad. In fact I feel bad for making him tell me the details. He tells me that he doesn’t want to do it again and I leave it at that.

John has been gone for weeks and I miss him more each day. It’s getting depressing tootling around in this big house without him. We still talk nightly and he loves when I talk about some of my sexual adventures but lately, I have been so depressed, I haven’t even been horny; a rarity for me. John has noticed it too. I just want him to come home.

It’s starting to get really hot here, in the mid to high 90’s during the day. Even the golfers are starting to shy away from the mid-day tee-times because of the heat. I try to get outside and swim in our pool to stay cool but it gets boring pretty quick. During the day, I mostly stay inside in the air conditioning. I have even tired of going to the mall shopping.

I am sitting in the kitchen when Lisa comes to the back door and knocks. She immediately notices that I am depressed and we talk about it a little. Then she comes up with an idea to cheer me up.

“How about a patio party with just the girls? It cools down enough in the evening and you have those fans outside under the covered patio. We can rent a margarita machine and have a girl’s night, maybe we can make it a pajama party. Come on Tabb, it’ll be fun.”

“Okay, it does sound kind of fun. Who should we invite?”

Lisa starts to list the usual crowd, “Tammy, Diane, Penny. Who else could we invite?”

We spend the next several hours drinking chardonnay and planning our party which takes my mind off John for a while. It’s a nice break and Lisa is hilarious when she gets more than a glass of wine in her. The more wine she drinks the more fascinated she becomes with my boobs. She just can’t seem to keep her eyes or her hands off them. Lisa is half-way through her second glass of wine and I’m well into my third glass when I notice her just staring at my boobs.

“Would you like me to take off my blouse so you can get a better view?”

Lisa didn’t register bayan arkadaş my question for a few seconds but then she looks up straight into my eyes and says, “I was hoping you would.” We both started giggling like a couple of teenagers.

I pull my blouse over my head, reach around and unhook my bra and let them both fall to the floor. I cup my hands under my boobs, holding them out and ask, “Is that better?”

We both start giggling again and talking about the party until I catch her staring again. I guess it’s my fault somewhat because I didn’t realize that I was casually playing with my nipple, tugging on it and rolling it back and forth between my thumb and forefinger while holding my wine glass in my other hand as we are talking.

I put my glass down and look at Lisa. “Okay, you can come over and play with them if that’s what you want.”

We are sitting on the tall bar stools at my kitchen island and before I can say another word, Lisa hops down off her stool and pulls off her t-shirt. She isn’t wearing a bra, which I already knew from seeing her pointy nipples burning a hole in the thin jersey material. She literally jumps in my lap and is flicking her tongue like crazy over my left nipple in a flash. Her tiny little fingers quickly find my other nipple and start working their magic, pinching and pulling, just the way I like.

My juices are beginning to flow as Lisa now sucks and chews on my swollen buds. She knows everything I like and before long her teeth are scraping along my nipple while she pinches and pulls harder on my right nip. A moment later she switches, sucking on my right and tugging on my left with her torturous little digits. I can hear myself moaning as she continues her assault.

I can really feel my pussy getting wet and I start the slow decent toward a nice orgasm when Lisa suddenly stops, looks up and then kisses me fully on the mouth, shoving her tongue as deep into my mouth as she can.

Just as quickly she pulls away from the kiss and says, “I bet I can make you cum from just sucking on your tits.”

“You almost already did you little boob monster, but I think you should keep trying. Let’s move to the living room, this chair is getting uncomfortable.”

We get up and go into the living room, dropping our clothes along the way. With both of us naked, I sit on the couch with my legs slightly spread and Lisa climbs on, straddling my right legs, placing her knee against my pussy. I can feel her wetness on my thigh as she once again attacks my aching nipples. This time she is a little more aggressive with her sucking and biting and tugging and I am quickly getting back to where I was on the path to orgasm.

She presses her tiny little body against mine as she switches from side to side, sucking on one straining nipple while pulling and twisting the other. It isn’t long before I can’t take any more and my body stiffens as I start to cum.

It isn’t earth shattering but it’s satisfying. My nipples are hyper sensitive now and I have to push Lisa away. She has a huge smile on her face as she slowly slides down off the couch and onto the floor. She starts licking the cum that is running down my thighs, working her way toward my slit. I’m still a little sensitive but for as little as she is, she is strong and refuses to be pushed away. Soon, she is circling my clit and licking up and down my wet slit with the flat of her tongue, urging me toward another orgasm. When she sucks on my swollen clit with her soft lips and at the same time reaches up and pinches my tender nipples, it pushes me right back over the edge and this one is much stronger. I continue to hump her lips and tongue as my orgasm rolls through me like a wave.

My libido is firing back up and I pull Lisa back up onto the couch and kiss her. I can taste my pussy on her lips. In fact my juices are all over her cheeks and chin and I gently lick them up.

“I think you are starting to really enjoy our newfound relationship aren’t you?” I ask.

Before she can answer, I reach out and give her nipples a pinch. “Ohhh yes,” she moans.

I continue to play with her hard little nipple with one hand and slide the other down over her belly and onto her pussy. Her pussy is smooth and dripping wet. My fingers slide easily between her swollen lips and she starts moaning. She tries to push against my fingers, but I keep them just at the outer edge of her pussy, teasing her. She starts to moan and I kiss her hard. She is still moaning into my mouth when my fingers slide past her lips and into her slick opening. Two fingers slide in easily but it’s still a tight fit.

I can’t imagine how it must feel to her husband with his huge cock in her tight pussy. I twist my fingers as I start fucking her slowly. Her eyes are closed and I can see from the look on her face that she is quickly sliding toward that feeling of ecstasy, where everything becomes about the feeling in your core. She is squeezing my fingers inside her, holding onto every movement. I continue to slowly twist and turn my fingers inside of her and add use my thumb to stroke her clit which causes her eyes to open momentarily before they close again. She begins humping against bayan partner my fingers as if she wants me to fuck her faster but I keep my slow steady pace, drawing out each moment.

She starts making low guttural noises and I can tell she is close to cumming. I kiss her hard on the mouth and at the same time pull my fingers out of her. Her eyes pop open and she has a look of complete despair on her face.

“Whaaaa, what are you doing?”

I tell her, “Turn over you little slut and get on all fours, facing the back of the couch.”

Lisa turns over and gets on her knees and puts her hands on the back of the couch. I turn sideways and slide my wet fingers back into her pussy, pulling out as much of her pussy juice as I can before puling them out again and wiping them on her tight little asshole.

“What are you doing?” She asks.

“Shhhh, just close your eyes and enjoy.”

Before she can say anything else I push my fingers back into her dripping hole and give them a twist which causes her to close her eyes and let out a soft moan of relief. I start slowly fucking her with my fingers again and begin slowly work a third finger into her. It’s incredibly tight but she is now pushing back harder on my fingers forcing herself onto all three fingers.

I reach up with my other hand and start pulling on her taught little nipples, going from one to the other. She starts to moan louder now and I can tell she is getting close again. Just before I think she is ready to cum, I pinch one of her nipples hard and at the same time, push my thumb into her tight little bud.

Lisa’s eyes pop open an then close just as quickly as her sphincter muscle opens, allowing me to fill her constricted little passage and then quickly clamps down on my thumb which is buried up to the knuckle.

I start to finger her faster now, keeping my thumb buried in her ass. She is moaning with every stroke now and I can feel her pussy start to squeeze and pulse around my fingers. As soon as I feel it, I reach down with my other hand and lightly pinch her clit which sends her sky-rocketing into an orgasm with my fingers and my thumb fully inserted in her desperate holes. I can feel every tremor, every pulse of her orgasm as it tears through her body.

She seems to be gasping for air, her legs are quivering uncontrollably and her whole body is one tight little muscle. It goes on for a long time before I feel her body start to relax. Once I feel her grip on my fingers loosen, I start to slowly slide them out and then back in but when she feels me pushing back inside her she pulls away.

“No. Please, I can’t take any more,” she whines.

I carefully pull my thumb from her ass and then slide my fingers out of her just before she collapses onto the couch.

Her hair is matted against her forehead and her entire body is glowing as she lay there recovering. I get up to get her some water and she never moves. When I get back she is still laying there against the back of the couch. I shake her shoulder lightly and she opens her eyes and then takes a sip of water.

She looks at me and asks, “How the fuck did you do that? I can’t move. That was like the most amazing orgasm I have ever had.”

“Well, I was going to do all that while your face was buried between my boobs but I was afraid it might kill you,” I said and laughed.

Lisa didn’t laugh, she just sighed, “Next time, and at least I would die happy.”

Then she giggled and then I started giggling too. We just sit for a few moments, giggling occasionally and sharing the water bottle I gave her when my cell phone starts ringing. I get up and go to the kitchen where I left my phone.

I start to pick up the phone but when I see who it is, I hesitate. Finally, I pick up the phone and answer, just before it goes to voice mail. It’s Mike, John’s lawyer who has been working out the details of the business deal my husband is working on and one of the poker players that took my virgin ass on the second poker night when I was dressed like a naughty school girl.

I hesitated because Mike has a dark side. He is very dominant by nature and it makes me shiver to think about how he affects me. The last time I saw Mike, I had to take some papers to his office. The visit ended with me facing backwards on a club chair in the middle of his office with my legs spread wide across the arms of the chair, my hands tied behind my back, and Mike and four of his good looking junior lawyers gang-banging me for two hours. I was humiliated, my pussy, ass and mouth abused over and over and I came so many times I could barely stand up when it was over.

“Hi Mike, it’s Tabby.”

“Hi Tabby, I hope you are doing well. This deal is about closed but since you are a part owner of the company, I need your signature on a couple of the documents. Is it okay if I come by later this afternoon and get you to sign them?”

“Sure, but you don’t have to come all the way out here unless we need to do it right away.”

“It’s no bother, I am headed to my lake house in Texoma so it’s on the way.”

“Uhhh, okay then, what time do you think you will be by?”

“Depending on traffic, I’d say it will bdsm escort be sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 if that works for you.”

“Sure, that works. I’ll see you then.”

“Great, I look forward to seeing you again. I’m bringing my assistant to notarize the signatures, it shouldn’t take too long in case you have plans.”

“Oh, okay. I… I don’t have any plans. I’ll see you soon then. Drive carefully.”

It sounds like this is just going to be business which makes me feel a little relieved and a little disappointed at the same time. Just hearing Mike’s voice makes me a little scared and a little wet. I think to myself, “How does he do that?”

“Tabby, one more thing. I talked to John this morning and it was his idea that I bring the papers to you personally. So, when I get there, I want you to be wearing something sexy and don’t bother wearing any panties.”

“Whaaaat?” Before I could say anything else, he hung up the phone. Oh shit.

As much as my brain wanted to say no, my body rejected the idea and I could already feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about it.

When I walked back into the living room, Lisa saw the look on my face, or at least I thought that’s what she saw until she said, “Wow, were you just in the refrigerator? You nipples are like bullets. Who was on the phone.”

“It was Mike, John’s lawyer.”

“Is everything okay? Is John okay?”

“Oh, yeah, nothing wrong, he is just coming over to have me sign some papers.”

‘Wait a minute. This is the Mike that was at the poker game and the one you told me about that tied you up and has his… holy shit Tab.”

“Yeah, holy shit is right.

“He said he is bringing his assistant too.”

“Like one of the lawyers that, you know, at his office?”

“I think gang banged is the word you are looking for and I don’t know if that is what he means but the last thing he said to me was to wear something sexy and don’t bother wearing panties.”

“Jeeez, that guy has balls.”

“Yes, yes he does; and a nice hard cock too.”

That makes us both laugh but I am still a little scared. I know John trusts Mike and he would never agree to anything with anyone that he thought might hurt me. Lisa can see the concern on my face and she asks if I want her to be there with her. I tell her no, but seeing my concern, she says that she is at least going to check on me.

“Just how are you going to check on me? Are you going to come over after they leave and see if I’m still alive?”

“No silly, I’m going to watch through the windows like I did on the poker nights. If you need help you just yell and I will be in like a flash. I’m little but I’m tough and I’ll bring a baseball bat!”

“You’re going to bring your husband’s dick with you to save me?”

“Not that baseball bat, a real one!” We both started giggling again.

“What do you think he will do to you?” Lisa asks.

“I don’t know but he seems to have a fascination with my tits and my ass so I have a feeling he is probably going to give me a good old-fashioned ass fucking and my nipples will be sore for days when he is done.”

“Do you like that?”

“There is something about Mike that when he does it, it’s humiliating, it hurts and it makes me cum like crazy. I don’t really understand it. It’s like it’s part physical and part mental when he is around. He is so… dominant. I can’t say no to him. It’s kind of scary.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to be here?”

I take Lisa’s hand and pull toward my lap. I slide my legs open and guide her hand to my pussy.

“You’re sopping wet! You slut, let me clean that up for you.”

Lisa drops down to the floor and licks my pussy juice from my thighs and between my legs. I think she is going to keep licking me but she stops, pulls herself up, her face glistening with my juices and kisses me on the lips.

“I want you to save this for this evening. I can’t wait to watch.”

Then Lisa stands up, gathers her clothes and puts them back on. As she goes through the back door, she says, “I’ll see you tonight, literally. And don’t forget, just yell, I’ll be right outside.”

She blows me a kiss and she is gone.

By five o’clock, I am pacing nervously. I struggled all afternoon trying to decide what to wear. I must have tried on five or six outfits, looking for something sexy. I finally decided that if I am going to get fucked, I might as well something that makes it clear that I am ready for it.

I have a black, I don’t even know what to call it, lingerie piece that John bought me a long time ago. It is all lace, completely see-through, that has a halter top with a plunging v, neckline that continues down almost like a corset and then turns into a little lace skirt bottom that covers only half of my round ass and just barely covers my pussy. There are straps that hang from the corset section and go under the skirt part that attach to sheer black stockings. I have my highest black heels on and I have my hair pulled tight into a pony tail. I put on way more makeup than normal with dark eyeliner and eyeshade. When I look in the mirror, the girl next door look is gone. I look like one of those girls from the fashion magazines except I’m not anorexic and my huge boobs are straining against the black lace. My nipples are clearly visible under the lace and have been hard as rocks all afternoon. The lace is soft and rubs against my nipples with every little movement keeping them hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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