Windows and Widows, Jane Johnson

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You may have read my account about Mary Potter in my story; Mary Potter’s final swing. For a while it really me that she had gagged doing something she enjoyed so much. But I wanted to continue cleaning windows in Burlesque road where she lived, after all it was my living and I had a good round.

But of course there was a very rewarding sideline too which, ironically, culminated indirectly with Mary’s demise.

But her good friend and neighbour called Jane Johnson who lived a few houses down the road, stopped me saying that now I had a vacancy, because I would not be cleaning poor Mary’s windows again, could I do her windows in future.

I liked her approach and her smile which was very friendly and, being the randy sod I had become, keeping Mary in good spirits. It was like I had taken on, quite unwittingly, a desire for older and mature women who knew what it was all about, but were lonely and widowed and missing, as Mary put it, the warmth and pleasure of a lovely man.

Okay I was never one for being concerned about the welfare of others, certainly not elderly or mature women who generally just did not inspire me. In fact cleaning windows brought a number of shall we say, prospective advances but until Mary, I was not inclined to go there.

But then Mary happened and I was a goner, It was just something about her and she certainly made hay while the sun shines. She had the ability to bring out the deepest carnal fantasies I knew and some I didn’t.

She was a beautiful lover and that is putting it mildly, very mildly and the time she gagged with my plentiful shaft deep inside her throat, with me handcuffed and all, we were both engaged in a deep sensuous frenzy that was out of this world and that is how she left this earth, with a mouthful of my stiff cock lodged in her throat, because she would not let go, her teeth firmly locked around my girth.

No I have no guilty feelings any more. Mary was happy and I was told that because of her sexual inclination it was easy for her to go that way. That she could have released me if she had wanted so now I am open for a new relationship and Jane, so slim and looking at her from the rear she looked like a twenty year old, but even when she turned and I saw the face of a woman maybe ion her sixties. I guess it was the tight skirt which did it for me; with the creases across the lap. I don’t know why but that always does it for me. Jane looked so cool and I was thinking like I did with Mary, that there was an awful lout of pent in passion in those blue deep eyes and the flushing of the cheeks when I accepted her offer for coffee.

We got talking of course. Mary came up and it was as if she knew about my affair with her. Of course she did, it had been all over the local newspapers. But fortunately the reporter was kind to me and treated me like I was some sort of Godsend to lonely old ladies.

“I think you made Mary a very happy woman in her last days, I sometimes saw her when shopping but not to talk to. But I did notice the difference in her expression of late. A happy smile replaced the former look of sadness

“Well you look happy Jane” I said sipping coffee and dipping my chocolate digestive.

“Only because you are here, you should see me when I am alone, stuck in front of the box, dreaming of those wonderful times gone by when Harry was with me, We were hitched for 20 years and he was forever a gentleman, and A very good lover I might add!”

“You miss him I guess” akyurt escort I muttered between bites of my biscuit, looking down at the way she sat on her chair opposite. There was plenty of scope there and she knew it, the way she was allowing her black taffeta skirt to ride up the well formed thighs. He coffee coloured stockings did everything for her, and for my libido too. I was already beginning to feel the familiar movement in my jeans, imagining what it would be like with Jane.

I had a feeling I would soon find out because quite boldly she parted her thighs enough to allow me a glimpse of red silk between which was absolutely gorgeous and very appealing. Going through my head the first time I got between Mary’s thighs and tasted her over her panties. That soon led to all that was passion and lust with Mary and something we both thoroughly enjoyed for about six months until her demise.

He fuck was always awesome and wonderful, she gave me of her best every time and we shared many an hour locked together, because she liked that, she liked me to hold myself inside her and we would both simply chill and enjoy the feel of each other inside. It was heaven sure enough.

Now was I heading for a second heaven?

“Do you read much Ryan”

“Not much, I prefer to watch movies.”

“Really what do you like, action thrillers, sci-fi romance, porno?”

“Most of those but the last I would rather do than watch” that would give her an opening I thought. Like the opening between her thighs which was becoming wider, now I could see she had hold up stockings and I could see the whiteness of her thighs between stocking tops and panties, which was always an arouser.

“I have read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ twice she said with an alluring expression.

“Yes I have heard about that” I returned, “It is a best seller I believe and very, very erotic?”

“Very” she grinned, “They are making a film of it soon which you may like, Ryan.

“I told you, I like to do and not watch” I said boldly, ready for what she had to offer, her skirt rolling higher and higher up those swelling thighs. If that wasn’t an invitation I don’t know what is!”

“It is not exactly what one may call a porno film, draftee,” she laughed, but it is erotic and there is a difference.

I finished my coffee and tasted a hint of something stronger. I am sure she put something into it.

“Did you like the coffee, I added a little branny to spice it up, hope you didn’t mind.”

“Who needs brandy, you do that for me” I said .

“Then you had better join me on my brand new leather look settee, it looks so lonely just with me sitting on it. I am sure we can fix that Ryan. You are some beautiful guy, so handsome.”

“But shouldn’t I be doing the windows?’ I teased knowing exactly what she had in mind.

“The windows can wait, there are more important things in hand.”

I felt so too and joined her happily on the settee.

“I feel privileged by what you said, do I really interest you baby/”

I felt warmed the way she called me baby and when she snuggled up to me, slipping her fingers between my shirt buttons I was happy to hear her life story. She admitted she was terribly lonely and missed her other half who had passed away with cancer three yeas back.

“I do miss him so very much” she said with a tear dripping down her cheek. He was a lovely guy.”

She pressed her head into my chest opening my shirt buttons ayaş escort and gently rubbing the palm of her right hand down and across my tummy.

I felt so good with Jane. She smelt divine, whatever scent she was using as really atmospheric and made me feel all was right with the world, and more importantly; all was right with us.

“You are divine Ryan. You don’t know how good these feels, being close to a real man again. And yes, I do miss Harry in every way, there were certain things we did which must remain sacrosanct and yet with you I feel …”

“Tell me Jane, please – I want to hear?”

She smiled and looked divine. “Well you said you would rather do than watch” she affirmed.

There was no need for more words on that score. Just the fact that she undid all the buttons on my shirt said it all and now I anticipated her gentle movements downwards. She must have seen I already had a very substantial swelling.

Of course she did because slowly her hands wondered down further and stroked my thighs, leading up to my swelling and that first touch reminded me of how it was with Mary. It was lovely, divine and so very sensual the moment she found me tucked away behind my jeans zip. Soon opened and explored, all the time her gentle sounds and sighs as she massaged me there, it felt so good.

“let’s take these off shall we baby?” she asked and I lifted my bottom so she was able to slip them down over my legs and feet .

“And these do, as much as you look gorgeous in them” meaning my boxer shorts. Jane had the ability to make it all seem so natural. Almost like she was doing an everyday thing and she certainly made me feel so right and comfortable being there for her, like she wanted that, she said she wanted that certain gift a man could give her and hoped later we could complete. But first she wanted simply to enjoy me and catch up for lost time.

“Truth is I never thought anyone could re0lace Harry this way, I have never really wanted any other guy until I saw and read about you. You have made me so happy just being here Ryan and honestly there are no strings, you are young and I expect you to find someone your own age..”

“I like older women, I really do.”

She eyelid her head on my tummy now as I stretched out she cured up beside me and gently massaging me -it was divine and she was thoroughly enjoying herself, bending it upwards and holding it down against my tummy.

“Oh! Baby it has been so long, I had almost forgotten what it looks like, how it grows and how it smells.

I adore the feel of it and …..”

She twisted her head so that she watched for my response and just a nod was sufficient for we both knew what she wanted.

“The first feel of Jane’s tongue licking and tasting the glans was out of this world and it was perfect.

An older woman knows how to do it to perfection and Jane was no exception.

“So divine, so beautifully erect and wholesome” she revered as she gentle hand wondered down under and, prompting me to open wider, the wondrous feel of her discovering my firm twosome so wanting that.

Licking and sucking here hands grew more bold and the sensual feel of both hands and mouth working me brought me to a real high.

Hearing my response she slowed a bit saying there is plenty of time, saying with Harry how she used to ‘hold him back’ so they could enjoy longer.

“I asked how she did that and she was quite welcome to do it with ankara escort me.”

“I tied him with one of my stockings” she whispered.

“Sounds good to me. Jane I adore you so much, please feel free to do anything you like, that way we can truly discover each other.”

She slowly removed a stocking and I was able to get a full view of those gorgeous red silk panties which clung to a beautifully crafted body. She tied nit around the base of my erection which was throbbing and bobbing up and won which made her laugh.

“There you are, now yo0u know one of my pastimes with Harry. When I tied him I could really let go and he too and it is funny how the use of expletives sort of compliment those real intimate times.”

“Again, you are welcome Jane” she blushed like a young girl but when I said I wanted her in every way she submitted; “And my fuck?” and we were on the way.

Working me with full zest she occasionally sucked and sniffed me.

“Can I see you now?” I asked

“She smiled like she was waiting for me to ask. It was the next move to our intimacy and removing those sexy panties I took them from her and sniffed them as she opened for me and showed me her worth. “It has almost closed up with no activity for so long, well you know full sexual activity, I masturbate when the occasion arises which is not often, until frankly I first saw you and all that changed,

“That is lovely” I replied. “You know how to make a guy feel at home – and it looks gorgeous, may I call it you quinny?”

She gigged and said that is what they called it in Tudor times.

“I think I ought to be allowed to taste your flavour now” I said and immediately she changed position, in a way we could both simply enjoy orally each other.

I closed my eyes and went for it and just the sensation of having a wonderfully moist and warm quinny against my mouth was wonderfully therapeutic.

She sucked more tightly as I let myself go and did everything a mouth and tongue could do with a wonderful wet and warm quinny.

“She was really gone when she said she loved the taste of my cock and badly wanted my fuck . She paused and her lips found mine and her deep French kiss was remarkable, then she was down to my cock again, balling me at the same time and I was about ready for the tie to be undone .

Like she read my mind her fingers quickly undid the cock tie and I was hers any which way. I told her that because I really wanted that.

“Stand up for me” she said like it was an order and I liked that too. She kneeled below me and had a good feel beneath. I closed my eyes and verbally expressed my appreciation , standing there and being all cock and balls for her, That is how she said it and that is how she got it. We were going to have some truly sexy times together and I hadn’t fucked her yet!

But she led me up to her bedroom, stripped completely and presented herself, tucking a couple of pillows underneath that gorgeous round ass I had not yet truly explored.

But that was for the future, now was the time to get inside her and enjoy that which we both yearned for. She opened wide and I was soon inside her, she clutching my balls as if to say she did not want me to come out.

She groaned and sighed as I did too, feeling the beautiful sensation of the fuck.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me inside out” she gasped as I went for it hammer and tong.

It was lovely and tight It was like she was finding her way again but gradually getting there and that made it more exciting.

We must have fucked on and off the whole afternoon but afterwards she made me a great dinner of beefsteak; saying she wanted to reenergise me for next time.

“And when would that be” I asked.

“Tomorrow? She giggled.

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