(You Drive Me) Crazy Ch. 01

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Cum Shot

This story was inspired by Winter Wonderland. Check out the original under group sex.

Chapter 1- Boys

“Stop the car, Jesus, I have to get out,” Neil exclaimed. John, who’d taken over driving about an hour ago, pressed on the brakes.

There was nowhere to pull over because the road was banked up on both sides with snow and it was a small highway. We hadn’t passed a car for a while though. Neil jumped out and stretched and groaned.

“I’m too fucking tall,” he mumbled. He was over six feet tall and did look a little folded up in the truck where John, Neil and I were all sitting next to each other on the front bench. It was a good thing Neil had dumped that bitch Shelia since the truck only (semi-) comfortably seated us three.

I don’t know what was wrong with Shelia. She had been intimidated by me when we were all up at my parent’s cabin for the Fourth of July (the same cabin we were driving to now), because I’d had sex with my then boyfriend (whose name I’ve forgotten) right in front of everybody and made out with Pam, another friend who was up there with us.

No big deal- Neil was used to me getting wild, especially when there was tequila in the mix, but she acted like she’d just stepped out of Sister Mary’s Convent and didn’t like me, didn’t like my influence on him and gave him an ultimatum.

Neil is crazy hot, pussy gets thrown in his face all the time, you don’t give guys like that ultimatums, especially not choosing between the wild best friend who makes out with women, and some frigid bitch who complains all the time. Obviously, he chose me, which turned out fortuitously for a lot of reasons, the first of which being that I had rented the wrong sized truck for us.

“You want to take over driving again, buddy?” John asked. He was my boyfriend and it would be his first time at my parent’s cabin in the mountains. Neil and I had been best friends since we were, like, eight, so he’d already been lots, last Fourth of July for instance.

“Nah,” Neil said. “That makes my ass fall asleep.” He hopped back in the car. “I’m good for at least another hour,” he said. “And anyway, it’s better than a plane.”

“Yeah, they’re totally brutal,” I agreed. “And I’m like five seven.” I smiled at him. He smiled back and looked all fucking sexy. He was in a black crewneck sweater, with the (then) requisite stripe across the chest, this one was red. I gave Neil a good once over, his tall lean body, fit and fine.

I could compare him to an Abercrombie model, except not so homoerotic. But he looks better than those Abercrombie boys. He looks how you’d imagine Gannymede, who was so sexy that Zeus changed himself into an eagle to kidnap him. Again, another homoerotic allusion, but what are you going to do? Men run the world so of course everything that is so sexy it makes you drool, they imagine wants to fuck them.

Fortunately for me, Neil wasn’t gay. He told me once he would definitely rather eat pussy than food. But he was so hot that if we still believed in Mount Olympus and their ilk, I would always be looking out for giant eagles in the sky if I were him. John, my boyfriend was sexy too- no Gannymede, but a less mythological sort of hot. Anyway, I wasn’t mad to be sitting between them heading up to a cabin far removed from civilization for the weekend after New Year’s.

We parked and Neil veritably jumped out of the car to start unhitching the snow mobiles we’d towed, leaving his parka inside with me. I handed it out to him and then climbed out myself.

John gave me a deep, long kiss and I glanced over at Neil to see if he’d noticed. He had. I smirked at him. It was cold and the guys were doing all of the work while I just stood there and if I volunteered to do something they would protest.

I guess they were showing off for me. Neil didn’t really need to show off. I knew he was strong, smart, and gorgeous, as we’d been friends forever and he had been a star basketball player in high school.

John needed to prove more. I’d only been dating him for a little over a month and didn’t know him as well as Neil. He was strong though. He worked as a personal trainer at a gym and was all muscle. He wasn’t as tall as Neil though, and I think that pissed him off a little. Guys hate being the shortest.

After racing on our snow mobiles up to the cabin—the boys said they let me win, but I knew that I smoked their asses—we got everything up and running and I cooked dinner for my mens.

Neil’s really into wine and had already mentioned the big collection in the wine cellar that my parents had, twice. I told him that he should go for it and pick out something awesome.

My parents love wine too, but they had jobs and we didn’t. If we wanted to live the high life it had to be at their expense and they wouldn’t grudge Neil anything. He was their golden boy. I would say they secretly harbored a desire to see us get married, but it was no secret.

We were all sitting in the great room where the fire was roaring in the grate and the bearskin rug was laid out in front of it. karataş escort I was sitting between Neil and John and letting my mind range freely over the escapades that John and I would soon be engaged in on that rug.

I also let myself think about me and Neil doing something on the rug- though Neil and I had never even kissed, but sexy is sexy, and though I didn’t want to mess up our friendship, Neil was definitely a regular on my masturbation rotation. John began to kiss my neck and I glanced over at Neil.

“Oh,” he said. He hadn’t been paying attention and then smiled. “Good night, you two,” he said. He got up.

“Where you going, buddy?” John asked.

“Oh, up to the blue room,” Neil said. There were four bedrooms in addition to a master suite and they were all painted different colors so people could identify which room was theirs. I almost laughed that that was the room he’d selected.

“You don’t want to hang out?” John asked.

“Nah, I’ll leave you two alone. It was a long ride.” He stretched. “I know what that does to man,” he added with a laugh.

“All right,” John replied good naturedly. I watched Neil climb the stairs and then turned to John.

“That’s so sad,” I whispered. “Poor guy, he’s hard up.”

“Yeah,” John replied. “And he’s totally got the hots for you. Now he has to sit upstairs while another guy has sex with you.”

“Shut-up, he doesn’t have the hots for me.”

“Fucking a,” John replied.

“We’re friends.”

“Yeah, guys don’t want to be friends with girls, especially not girls as hot as you.”

(At this point it seems prudent to interject something about my own looks, since I’ve already explained that Neil is fucking sexy and John is hot. I don’t want anyone to think I’m some lucky hag. No, I’m fucking hot. If I had to pick three words to sum it all up, they would be stacked, blonde, and beautiful- a triple threat. I think I look like Scarlet Johannson when she’s having a really good day and her hair is dyed blonde- I don’t need dye.)

“We met when we were like eight,” I replied. “We had no choice but to be friends.”

“You want to fuck him?” John asked. John was really into watching. He’d told me that the second time we hooked up. He asked if I would masturbate for him while he watched.

“God, John,” I replied. “That’s awkward. What am I going to do? Call him down here and ask him if he wants to fuck?”

“He’s your best friend. You think he’d take it badly?” John looked me over, already envisioning me fucking Neil in front of him. “Hey, Neil, buddy! Can you come down here for a second?” No response. “Neil?” John asked. Neil came out of his room with a towel, his toothbrush and toothpaste, some soap, and no shirt on. I smiled.

“You call me?” Neil asked.

“Yeah,” John said. “You got a second? Can you come down here?”

“What is it?” Neil asked. He came downstairs with his toiletries. He kept running his hand back and forth over his blonde hair while he walked down the steps. Maybe it was a sign of his sexual frustration. His hair was starting to look like he’d just woken up.

“What’s up, buddy?” John asked as Neil came close. He left his hair alone, finally, and looked at us. I was grinning pretty wide and kept looking at those sharply defined pecs and those rippling abs.

“Nice,” I mumbled. He seemed to look better every time I got to take a peek at him topless. Neil glanced down at his bare chest and gave me a funny look and then looked at John and gave him a little reverse nod.

“What’s going on?”

“Renee has something she wants to do with you,” John said. I blushed.

“Thanks, John,” I replied. Neil wasn’t smiling. I think he thought we were making fun of him.

“Okay, what’s up?” he asked.

“You look really sexy,” I said finally. “Come here, take a seat.” Neil looked over at John again and then sat on the other side of me. “What do you have here? Getting cleaned up?” I asked as I took the towel and toothpaste from him and then the soap and then the toothbrush.

“What are you doing?” Neil asked.

“You want to fuck?” I asked as I started to stroke his bare chest.

“No,” he replied. That left me nonplussed. “Your boyfriend’s sitting behind you,” he stage whispered.

“Don’t worry about me, buddy,” John replied. “I’ll just sit here and let you two do what- you know, you have to do.” I smiled and began to move my hands more ardently over Neil’s chest and stomach.

“John, seriously, I think Renee really thinks you’re okay with this.”

“Yeah, cause I am,” John replied.

“Shit, she’s your girl man. I’m not going to fuck her right in front of you.”

“She’s not my girl,” John replied and rubbed my ass. I’d gotten up on my knees to get to Neil’s lips and my ass was right there in John’s face. “She doesn’t belong to me, buddy. She’s a girl of the world.” Neil grabbed my hands, which were stroking his chest, and held them still.

“So, you’re just going to watch while I fuck her?” Neil asked.

“Yeah,” John replied. “I mean, Renee’s cool with it, right?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “You’re talking to him like he owns me or something, Neil. Don’t you want to know if I want to fuck you in front of John?”

“You’re acting like you’re cool with it,” Neil replied. “I mean, I think you’re fucking gorgeous. If you guys are down, I’m down.” I winked at him and then got up and pulled off my sweater, revealing my big breasts.

Neil stared at me and I unbuttoned my tiny jeans and pushed them down and took off my socks so I was in front of him in nothing but my bra and panties. His mouth was a little open and I saw the bulge developing in his jeans.

It looked big. I licked my lips.

“Like what you see?” I asked. I glanced over at John who had a similar bulge in his pants. “Both of you?”

“What’s not to like?” John asked coolly.

Neil just looked me up and down like he was half crazy, it was especially funny with his hair being all cracked out. I deftly popped off my bra and let my breasts dangle there in front of him. He swallowed hard and I came over to him, turned around, and dropped my underwear. I waved my ass in his face even though my breasts are my best feature.

“You want to fuck me here, Neil?” I asked teasingly. I stood up and shimmied my great rack in his face. “Fuck these maybe?” He swallowed hard again. “Or maybe you like pussy,” I said.

I moved over to the bear skin rug, the fire made my warm skin even warmer and I laid back and spread my legs for him. I was already aroused from the idea of fucking Neil. I had fantasized about it long enough.

“Mmmm,” I hummed as I rubbed my breasts. “Well, Neil have you decided?” I felt him approaching me.

“I better get a closer look,” he said as he knelt down beside me. “I don’t want to make the wrong decision.” He pulled on my arm and I rolled over and he ran his hand along my ass and then slapped it, hard, it made my butt warm.

“Not bad,” he said. He pushed me over again and I looked up at him as he reached down and stroked my breasts. “Mmm, these are nice,” he said. “Nice big, tits, and you’re such a tiny girl.”

“You want to fuck my tits?” I asked. He lifted me up onto his lap and I felt the bulge had gotten bigger. He bent down and began sucking on the nipples, they swelled and tightened in his mouth and I moaned in pleasure, as the arousal buzzed through me.

I glanced over his shoulder at John who was rubbing his cock over his pants and smiling at me. I winked and Neil gently bit my nipple. I gasped and moaned.

Neil began kissing away from my breasts and laid me back down and kissed my stomach and then lower, down to my bald pussy. He spread open my pussy lips and licked at my clitoris sending little shocks through me before he began eating away in earnest and I groaned with pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, Neil, eat that pussy… Mmm that’s so fucking good.” He pressed his tongue hard against my clitoris and moved a finger inside of me. I writhed on it. “Yeah, baby,” I groaned as another finger entered me. He swirled his tongue around clockwise and then counter clockwise and I seriously humped against his face as his fingers started to spread me open. I was getting really hot from the fire and his ministrations and felt a slow warmth spread over me.

“Ohhhh, I’m going to cum,” I groaned. “Ohhh.” I like to be loud when I’m having sex. I do everything pretty porno in bed but I also wanted to give John a good show.

“Ohh, yeah!” I came hard, bucking and squirming while Neil kept licking my pussy like it was his profession and then pulled away, removing his fingers, and unbuckled his pants, pulling out a big, thick cock, with the hand that still had my pussy juice on it. My eyes went wide and I smiled.

“You like what you see?” he asked. “You want me to fuck you with this?”

“Yeah,” I moaned.

“Get on your knees, you can look at your boyfriend while I fuck you,” he said.

I got up on my knees and he moved around behind me and in one thrust shoved his big dick up my pussy. I gasped and then groaned as he filled me up and then began to fuck me. I looked John right in the eye and he pulled out his dick and began to stroke it.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me with that big, fat cock!” I grunted as Neil slammed in and out of me. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my slutty pussy,” I groaned. “Ohhh, I love it, I love that big cock Neil. Show my boyfriend what a nasty whore I am.” Neil didn’t need any encouragement. He was fucking me good and deep, and hitting my spot every time.

“You like watching your girlfriend get fucked?” Neil asked John. John just nodded and kept stroking his dick in time to Neil fucking me.

“Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me,” I cried. He was slamming so hard into me that it sounded like he was spanking me and the pornographic sound of flesh clapping flesh filled the room.

I stroked my breasts and tugged on my nipples, god he was fucking me so good. I had closed my eyes and was a little surprised when I felt a dick on my cheek. I turned and got pre-cum on my lips. I recognized John’s cock without looking up and took it into my mouth.

Neil had stopped pounding me for a moment so I could get John’s dick in my mouth. I love giving head but John liked to throat fuck, which could sometimes turn painful. John pulled on my hair and nodded to Neil who went back to pounding into me and John began to work his tool down my throat.

I grunted when he reached the back of my mouth and began sliding his cock down my throat. I had had two dicks in me at the same time before, but it was a rare occurrence and I was going to thoroughly enjoy every minute of this.

I moaned with pleasure at being between the two hard cocks and both of the guys worked into a rhythm. I was soon bucking between them, grunting, as spit ran down my face from John’s deep throat fuck while Neil churned up so much lust in my pussy. He started rubbing my clitoris and I was soon groaning out a massive orgasm that had my whole body quaking, it was even bigger than the first one, my clutching pussy triggered Neil’s own orgasm. He slammed deep into me.

“Oh, yeah, fuck,” Neil groaned and gave another deep thrust and filled me up with a nice load of creamy cum. He stayed there for a minute, nice and warm but then withdrew and moved away from me and John held my head and began to really fuck my face hard, getting deep in my throat.

It started to hurt, but a good sort of hurt, like the ache in your thighs after you’ve had too much sex. I couldn’t make a sound, except gags and gurgles.

“Oh, yeah, you fucking slut,” John groaned as he shoved himself deep in my throat over and over again. “Take my whole cock down your throat.” He pulled my hair and really shoved into me and was groaning and moaning as my throat contracted around the head of his cock.

Finally, he thrust deep into my tight throat and dumped his load down into my belly. John immediately pushed me back on my back and pushed open my legs where Neil’s load of cum was dripping out of me.

“You want me to clean out that dirty pussy?” he asked me.

“Yeah, eat Neil’s cum out of my slutty pussy,” I groaned. I looked up at Neil who had taken off his pants and was standing there fisting his meat. He’d watched me get throat fucked and now watched as John started eating his cum out of my twat.

“Oh yeah!” I cried. My pussy felt like it was electrified and John’s tongue in it, sweeping out Neil’s cum was great.

“Get over here,” I said to Neil. He came close and knelt down near my face. I took him in my mouth.

Neil didn’t fuck my face. I gave him a blow job and took him deep in my throat even though it hurt from the fucking John had given it. I jacked him off with my hand and sucked hard on his cock. “You like that?” I asked. “You like the way I’m sucking your dick?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, Nee,” he said. I fondled his balls and he groaned and then I groaned from John’s attentions.

“Mmm, what a nasty pussy,” John said as he looked up at me sucking on Neil’s cock. “You’re such a fucking whore. Can’t keep the cock out of your mouth, huh?” I just grunted and he began fingering my slit. “You gonna cum again, you little slut?”

“Ohhhhh,” I groaned pulling away from Neil’s cock for a moment. “Oh, yeah, finger that dirty slit,” I grunted.

I went back to sucking on Neil’s dick but the orgasm came hard and I had to really fight not to jerk my head around so I wouldn’t hurt Neil. He reached down and began playing with my big breasts and pulling and twisting the nipples.

“Your pussy looks like it’s ready for another fucking,” John mumbled. Of course the contractions from the orgasm had closed it up a little from Neil’s vigorous fucking. “You want her pussy again?” he asked.

“No, it’s cool,” Neil replied.

“You want to fuck my ass?” I asked. Neil’s eyes widened and I grinned. He might have never been offered ass before.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. I got up and John laid down and I climbed on top of him and settled my well fucked pussy on top of him.

“Ohhh, yeah,” John groaned as I lowered the hot, wet hole over his fuck stick. “Ohhh, you’ve got a nice pussy, a nice slutty pussy.” Neil came up behind me and started to slide himself into my asshole. His dick was already spitty but not quite wet enough so he spit on my ass a couple of times and then rubbed it in. I felt John’s dick jump inside of me when he saw Neil spit on me.

“Oh yeah, you dirty whore, let him spit on your ass,” he said. Neil pressed himself against my ass, easily sliding in, and then fucked me vigorously, moving me up and down on John’s dick too. I felt really full of cock, wonderfully full.

“Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck that ass, baby,” I groaned. “Oh, yeah, it’s so nice two big cocks in me, I’m so full,” I moaned. They both lasted a long time because they’d just cum and we switched so Neil was underneath me and John was on top and I felt that they were both starting to break down.

“Oh, yeah, you want to cum on me? Want to cum all over my big tits? Yeah, spray your jizz all over my big tits,” I groaned. John whipped out and jerked himself off on my tits spraying a nice, warm stream over them, and then collapsed down and watched Neil finish with me.

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